Donna LeVine Associates, Inc.

DLA is a consulting firm and shopper marketing agency, founded in 1985.

  • We provide marketing consulting for non-profits (American Heart Association and  The Food Trust);  and Fortune 500 companies including General Mills, Campbell’s, Citicorp, Ford Motor, Chevrolet, and others
We create and execute integrated multi-media OOH targeted campaigns  through digital, POS, and fresh in-store elements that deliver billions of impressions and demonstrate significant sales lift.
  • Strong, long-term strategic alliances with CPGs, retailers, vendors and non-profits

We serve as a bridge between the public and private sectors, facilitate partnerships with non-profits, CPG’s, retailers, venues.

Private: Our Story

Donna LeVine Associates, Inc. (DLA) opened its doors in October of 1985.  We have expertise in: advertising space sales and consulting for the publishing industry (publisher representatives and sales management), predictive modeling and prospect list sales, email marketing, deployment and acquisition for credit cards and automotive.

Our experience in advertising and direct marketing has covered a broad range of services.  We have:

  • Custom publications management and sales, subscription magazines, Internet magazines and web sites
  • Media kit development and other sales materials and presentations
  • Over 25 start-ups, including launches and repositioning, paid circulation magazines, controlled circulation and predictive modeling services
  • Publisher of Web Shopper 2000, a magazine about shopping on the internet
  • Consulting for publishers and publishing ventures
  • Consulting for email marketing–acquisition, retention and opt-in email lists
  • Direct-mail and opt-in email lists management and execution
  • Outbound email deployment services
  • Predictive modeling services to marketing strategists at clients and agencies – established pricing structure for constructing predictive models
  • Represented Out-of-home Media:  Postcards at Restaurants and Bars
  • Participated in a host of other entrepreneurial ventures

Historically, the companies we have represented have been start-ups.  We have always been adept at selling challenging properties by using strategic marketing techniques.