Shopper Marketing

  • Developing and Managing Campaigns: executing targeted, multi-media campaigns including ROI analysis, sales lift, harnessing shopping basket, customer loyalty card and credit card purchase data; delivering hundreds of million of exposures and impressions annually, documenting CPG sales-lift and halo effect data provided by retailers, CPGs and approved vendors that participated in the programs.
  • Creating Co-op Marketing Campaigns: across brands that are tied to a certification or cause
  • Coupons: Using paper and digital coupons (mobile, online) to increase product sales and to educate consumers about nutrition, alerts to established “days” celebrated nationally around causes and scientific advancement announcements
  • Conducting & Coordinating Research and Surveys: working with focus groups and related in-store intercept exit surveys; utilizing digital surveying techniques in-store tied to purchasing behavior data and data appends (ComScore), deploying on-line surveys via Nielsen consumer panels to gather attitudinal data related to competitive nutritional scales.
  • Execution monitoring and reporting:
    • Conducting first and third party audits to ensure programs were executed with 90%-99% compliance rates
    • Web site analysis related to shopping cart abandonment
  • Generating Double opt-in email acquisition campaigns: through QR code scans of coupons and shelf-tags; using recipes and subscriptions to online magazines as the incentives for consumers.

Channels include: