DLA represented Econometrics, Inc. for 4 years.  Econometrics was a Chicago-based predictive modeling company with a national database containing over 300 attributes on each of 180 million individuals. Econometrics’ models predicted individual buying behavior and qualified purchasing, asset and liquidity levels.This sophisticated predictive modeling identified qualified prospective buyers and provided lists for direct marketing purposes.  Econometrics also provided attitudinal modeling which, when combined with the analytical model, resulted in very robust information.

DLA’s Clients included:

Financial Services/Insurance: First USA, Bank One, Bank Boston, Discover Card, Farmers Group Insurance, Zurich Kemper Investments

Automotive: Chevrolet, Chrysler-Plymouth Ford Motor Company (Corporate Research, Taurus SHO), Jaguar Land Rover, Honda, Lincoln-Mercury, Nissan/Infiniti, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Saab

Direct Response/Catalogs: Fingerhut, Frontgate Catalog, Damark Catalog

Publishing/Magazines: Newsweek, Hearst, Times-Mirror, Rodale/Prevention, Forbes Magazine, and W Magazine (a Fairchild publication)

Retail/Apparel:  Hartmarx, Parisian Department Stores

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